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In compliance with the Florida’s Governor’s office, moving services remain OPEN FOR BUSINESS. This means that A1A Atlantic Moving and Storage, agent for Mayflower can and will continue to operate using all COVID-19 safety precautions.

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  • Wardrobe Carton

    The Wardrobe Carton is the moving box that is traditionally referred to as the 'Wardrobe'. The Wardrobe Carton moving box is primarily utilized for hanging clothes during transit. The Wardrobe Carton can also be used to stuff blankets/quilts/and other bulky items (beneath the hanging clothes). When packing the Wardrobe Carton Moving box we recomend that you utilize the following materials to best protect your books, dads, etc.

    • Wardrobe Bar (*they come in both 20-inch as well as 24-inch)
    • $11.00