Open for business

In compliance with the Florida’s Governor’s office, moving services remain OPEN FOR BUSINESS. This means that A1A Atlantic Moving and Storage, agent for Mayflower can and will continue to operate using all COVID-19 safety precautions.

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Essential Work

We are only as good as our guys in the moving industry. Our A-Team of professionals is equipped and trained to handle almost any move. Movers are considered essential workers which means we haven’t taken a day off since the pandemic. As a result, our guys have been working harder than ever. Many of our movers are family men, risking their health to get you into your new home on time. We are so proud of our staff at A1A Atlantic Moving and Storage. We wanted to highlight one of our stellar team members. 

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School is Out For Summer

As what is left of the school year winds down we want to remind you that Summer is a great time to move. Interest rates are down significantly and with the uncertain economy there may be more negotiating room on your dream home. If your plans are to make a move in the near future, we are here to help. Here are the pros to a Summer move according to  

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Come Together But Keep Your Distance

Many people pick an area to live in because they have family close by or know people in the neighborhood. What happens if you aren’t one of those people and perhaps haven’t been very neighborly. Well, there’s no time like the present. With COVID-19, Coronavirus , our communities are being forced to keep a distance (social distancing) but also come together to help each other. For some that may look like offering an elderly neighbor help with securing supplies and groceries. Parents are creating signs so they can walk around the neighborhood and see heartfelt messages hanging from the windows.  

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Best Places to Live in the US

Florida may be the number one state people are moving to but strangely after reviewing at least 5 different articles, it is not listed in the top 10 best places to live in the US. So, what were the common denominators between multiple resources (,,, and others)? Oddly there was only one, and that was…Raleigh North Carolina. Why Raleigh? Let’s dive a little deeper. We’ll begin with reasons people move as well as characteristics they look for in a desirable City.  

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